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The composition of the band has varied only slightly over the years. Amazon Harlequin has a policy of never discussing the true names and personal histories of band members.


Xaviera, vocals and rhythm guitar, has been with the band from the very start, along with fellow founder member, Karina. Xaviera writes most of the lyrics for the band, and is the chief singer. Her explosive delivery is the basis of Amazon Harlequin's success in live concerts.


Karina, vocals and keyboards, composes and arranges most of the music. She has a degree in Classical Music Composition.
Karina could have been a concert pianist, but she prefers to make and play her own music with Amazon Harlequin.


Heloise, vocals and lead guitar, virtuoso left-handed guitarist, her haunting, plaintive solos are the trademark of Amazon Harlequin.


Relative newcomer Melita joined the band in 2005, replacing Adonia as bass player. Her solid rock roots provide the melodic pulse of Amazon Harlequin.


Heavy metal rock drummer Chrysilla, basis of the powerful rhythms of Amazon Harlequin, Chrysilla was previously with ill-fated Yawning Grave.